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Students & Residents

Redivus Health App - Students - ResidentsThere’s nothing more anxiety provoking than a cardiac arrest. You’ve been through it in simulations and maybe even in a real life situation. You understand the crazy rush of what happens—a swarm of people all trying to care for the patient when time is your greatest obstacle, all while keeping time and trying to track what’s going on. It’s overwhelming and completely nerve-racking. But not any longer.

Introducing the Redivus Health app: your steady voice of reason through time sensitive, high mortality scenarios.

Code Blue: Handled

During a Code Blue, everyone needs to be on the same page. In the turmoil of tending to the patient, confusion and distractions abound. Not with Redivus Health.

With its simple, intuitive interface, the Redivus app guides you seamlessly through the dire nature of a Code Blue event, providing you with clear vision to successfully orchestrate the situation. The app suggests what to do at every crucial interval and when do to it, eliminating the distractions and anxiety surrounding these life-and-death events.

Leverage Your Training With Clinical Innovation

The Redivus app is no substitute for proper medical training. Rather, it is meant to empower you, giving you the opportunity to take the knowledge you already have and apply it to critical healthcare situations when a cool head, sound logic, and clear leadership are most needed…and every action you take counts.

Redivus Health is your trusty checklist, your safety net, and your reliable time keeper and activity tracker—all rolled into a single, seamless digital platform.

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