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Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical ServicesFor emergency responders, acting on a timeline is critical to saving a life. Gone are the “load-and-go” days of old when the goal was to load up patients and get them to the hospital as soon as possible. Today, first responders are staying on the scene for 30 minutes or longer, actively working on critically ill patients who require immediate interventions.

In a situation like cardiac arrest, accurate timing of interventions such as defibrillation is crucial to survival. Having a timeline—knowing what to do, when to do it and for exactly how long—makes the difference between life and death.

The Redivus Health App: Your In-Hand Timeline

As a first responder, the challenge of cardiac arrest is completing the many complex steps required to increase the patient’s chances of survival, while in a stressful and uncontrolled environment. Timing and communication are key. From changing out CPR compressors and delivering the correct rate of compressions to administering medications at the right interval, providers can easily become overwhelmed or lose track of time.

The Redivus Health app streamlines this entire process, giving you clear, step-by-step guidance through proven algorithms so you can act with confidence and authority during a time-sensitive emergency. It provides a reliable timeline when there is no room for error.

Seamless EMR Integration

The app’s powerful documentation tools keep track of every assessment and intervention throughout the event. By the time the patient reaches the hospital, you’ll have a reliable and instant record of care for receiving providers. Coordination of care has never been so easy.

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