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Critical Access Hospitals: Community Caring For Community

Critical Access HospitalsImproving healthcare in rural areas is a unique challenge but one that the Redivus team is passionate about. With limited provider resources, staff can feel overwhelmed, anxious, and hesitant to handle an emergent healthcare event. Many times in smaller communities, the pre-hospital and hospital staff are taking care of family, friends, and other close acquaintances. This makes the stakes even higher, and the desire to to know that you are performing with the utmost accuracy and speed during a time critical scenario, even more burdensome. Physicians must also have the confidence to navigate the fine balance between keeping patients that they can effectively treat and transferring the ones that are too sick or critical. Redivus is there to provide real-time, point of care guidance during critical healthcare events so that you are assured that the latest evidence-based medicine is being practiced for your loved ones in your community.

Leveling the Playing Field

Leveraging the power of an intuitive, app-based clinical decision support tool that navigates nationally-recognized standards of practice, Redivus Health empowers healthcare providers in rural areas to provide consistent, life-saving diagnosis and treatments. During the time-sensitive, high mortality events of cardiac arrest, stroke, and sepsis, Redivus Health is there to support rural practitioners with instant guidance. Done in real-time and tailored to the situation at hand, the app provides detailed, step-by-step navigation for complex healthcare events.

Whether it’s immediately responding to a cardiac arrest or recognizing the signs of sepsis, Redivus Health supports rural practitioners with instant guidance and the confidence to make difficult clinical decisions. This enables physicians to identify and treat a diagnosis early in order to decrease the severity of the disease process. And if the time comes that a patient must be transferred to another facility, physicians can act with confidence that this is the right choice for their patients. This kind of knowledge means two powerful things: a drastic reduction in stress for team members and improved outcomes for the people of your community.

Seamless Transfer

Continuity of care, especially when transferring time critical, high mortality cases, is essential to securing a positive outcome for critically ill patients. With in-app tools designed specifically to record interventions and capture patient data, Redivus Health streamlines communication between hospitals and EMS so that sharing information is not only consistent but also efficient and easy. Redivus Health is the support that every critical access hospital needs on the frontline providing emergency care to rural communities.


Redivus Health App - Health Systems - Administrators

The chaos and anxiety that surround high mortality events like cardiac arrest, sepsis, and stroke often lead to inaccurate records, lack of compliance, and, tragically, fatal human error. The sobering reality: Medical error is the third-leading cause of death in the United States. Hospitals simply cannot afford to make preventable mistakes any longer.

Redivus Health is revolutionizing the ability for clinicians to not only reduce costly medical errors, but to provide the highest quality care to the patients entrusted in their care…all while driving revenue back to your organization.

Redivus Health App - Healthy Systems - Physicians

Healthcare Providers

The statistics are alarming: 50 percent of hospital deaths are linked to sepsis. A quarter of stroke victims receive improper treatment. Only 10.6% of cardiac arrest cases result in survival. In these urgent, time critical scenarios, it is essential that the EMS provider, nurse or physician act fast while being impeccably accurate in the moment—it’s truly a matter of life or death.

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