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Redivus covers critical care scenarios where seconds make the difference between success and tragedy.



A stroke kills an American every four minutes.

When it comes to strokes, lost time equals lost brain function. Geographical differences in the timely administration of the clot-busting drug tPA have revealed an opportunity to improve care by providing doctors with more decision-making confidence.

Are you among the 25 percent failing to treat stroke eligible patients with tPA?

Join Redivus Health in better identification of tPA-eligible patients and reducing door-to-needle times.

Timers for last known normal and arrival time at the hospital

Checklist of labs and radiology needed within a critical time period

Ability to launch phone call from app to contact other care centers for transfer or consultation

Easy-to-navigate NIH scoring

Inclusion, exclusion, relative exclusion checklists to vet patients for tPA


Sepsis claims more lives than any cancer.

Sepsis is a worldwide killer that doesn’t discriminate. Once called “blood poisoning,” sepsis occurs when the body’s attempt to battle an infection damages organs. Its fatality rate plummets with early detection.


Want to increase your effectiveness at diagnosing sepsis patients and increase your bundle compliance?

Let’s Be Sepsis Heroes Together

Identify a sepsis patient

Keep providers on time and on track with the Time Zero activation button

Accurately diagnose what type of sepsis a patient has

Improve bundle compliance with reminder notifications


Cardiac arrest

Cardiac arrest strikes 600,000 in the U.S. each year.

If you suffer cardiac arrest, your chances of survival are much higher in some U.S. cities than others. The reason: Some cities have implemented an integrated system of protocol-based treatment, saving thousands of lives every year.

What is your cardiac arrest survival rate? Is your documentation generated from memory or from notes scribbled in the heat of the moment?

Bring Redivus Code Blue to your next cardiac arrest call and experience the difference.

Evidence-based guidance through nationally accepted ACLS algorithms
Cycle timers, total time tracking, medication timers
Real-time documentation while you are making decisions
Seamless handoff to treating institution

Coming Soon


Redivus is perfecting interfaces for other critical care scenarios.

Heart Attack

Respiratory Failure


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